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Nohabbo Educated: The golden circle of Marketing

The Golden Circle is a marketing concept developed by Simon Sinek that explains how successful businesses and individuals communicate with their audience. The Golden Circle is made up of three elements: Why, How, and What.

The first element of the Golden Circle is Why. This refers to the purpose or belief that inspires a business or individual. It's the reason they do what they do. The Why is the foundation of the Golden Circle because it's what inspires people to take action. By communicating Why first, businesses can create an emotional connection with their audience and inspire them to take action.

The second element of the Golden Circle is How. This refers to the process or method a business or individual uses to achieve their Why. It's the strategy they use to bring their purpose to life. By explaining How they achieve their Why, businesses can establish credibility and build trust with their audience.

The third element of the Golden Circle is What. This refers to the product or service a business or individual offers. It's what they do or make. By explaining What they offer, businesses can demonstrate the value they provide to their audience.

The Golden Circle is an effective marketing tool because it flips the traditional marketing approach of focusing on the What first, and instead puts the emphasis on the Why. By starting with the Why and then moving to the How and What, businesses can create a more meaningful and impactful message that resonates with their audience. The Golden Circle helps businesses to communicate in a way that inspires people to take action and become loyal customers.